Glow Expo

Spirituality is consistently on the rise in the African American community.  GLOW, presented by Amethyst Corner LLC, is a two-day exposition designed to empower Melanated people who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey, at a time where Black people are conditioned to tap into anything outside of themselves. 

 Disclaimer: This is NOT your typical spiritual fair!  We will be diving deep into the minds of every Melanated person passionate about living a more holistic lifestyle and the adversity that may occur in taking that path!


GLOW is intended to enlighten and illuminate the hearts and minds of Melanated people.  It is our expectation that they will leave the event fully charged and ready to head back to their respective communities with all the tools needed to continue elevating the collective.

Are you ready to connect with like-minded Black people from all corners of the earth? Then be sure to stay tuned for more information by joining our Clubhouse: Amethyst Corner or by following @GLOWEXPO on Social Media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram).


Ready? Set? GLOW!