About "Bee" Page

Peace y'all! I'm Bee'- a self-published author, podcaster, and fearless black woman. As a 28-year-old black single mother of two, self-care, community, and Black empowerment are essential. Spiritual wellness is the key to ensure that work gets done in those respective areas. I started doing intuitive readings 3 years ago and my gifts expanded. The divination tools used Tarot, Dream Interpretation, and Ancestral Channeling help assist people in connecting to their higher self.

With over 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I left corporate (and the microaggressions) to dive into my purpose unapologetically. My purpose cultivates community through impactful events such as Mimosas & Masterplans, GLOW EXPO, and the Creating Your Grind Series.

 In 2021, I opened up Amethyst Corner Healing Space to help assist others on their spiritual journey with an outreach of over 15 different states and 4 countries. Amethyst Corner also provides aromatherapy products that assist in boosting ones love for self. My mantra is always " adversity is my superpower" with the innerstanding that while weapons may form (specifically the ones that impact marginalized communities) they will never prosper.