Yall Aint Tired Yet ?

Look, Manifesting can be ghetto sometimes. 

I know what you're thinking. You pulled up to this post for some affirmations. I don't have that for you in this post. What I do have is empathy. Yes empathy. 

As an intuitive reader and entrepreneur, I navigate often with a need to make sure I'm being consistent, maintaining my spiritual hygiene and still loving on me. I write out my affirmations and say that shxt in the mirror. Sometimes, it doesn't work out as I envisioned. 

Now this used to piss me off. Imagine doing the work. Ancestors getting the best libations, sitting with God, and still no results. I literally would get upset like what more am I suppose to do?! Then I took a moment to be still.

Stillness is so simple but hard as hell to do sometimes. Stillness is also extremely necessary. When I took a moment to be still recently, the words Divine Timing entered my heart. The more I've been in a reflective space, the more I've realized every setback was to serve my highest good. Every time I wanted something it was replaced with something I needed. 

I say this to be real honest about manifesting. Sometimes its not your call when your blessings flow in. The best action is stillness , gratitude , consistency. Being impatient when you're manifesting to be more patient is wild LOL. It's completely normal to be frustrated or even ready to just stop doing the work. The truth is having grace and being real with your feelings does more good than toxic positivity. 

So, I hope in reading this you realize that I too, am tied of the process at times. That doesn't take away from the fact that abundance is still my birthright. It also doesn't take away from whats happening in the meantime while I intentionally love on me and my present state.

Stay blessed and glow, 



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