Surviving The Holidays.

Holiday season is interesting. We are in week of Thanksgiving and everyone is talking about food , family, and gratitude. I call cap though. 

The one thing people gloss over during the holiday season is the toxicity in the black family. The more I became liberated spiritually , I started to feel a bit isolated from my family. 

As I'm gearing up for this holiday I'm reminded of one very important word. BOUNDARIES. Don't allow anyone , including family, have you energetically fucked up. 

A lot of times what can trigger people is seeing someone heal from a childhood trauma that they encountered as well. Stepping out of religion can be a heavy one too. Imagine growing up Christian your entire life and rejecting the religion for your personal beliefs. That can cause some side eyes around the candied yams too. 

Overall protecting your peace is essential. Keep black tourmaline on you or selenite. These two crystals will absorb the bs and transmute the ill vibes. If someone asks you something that you dont want to answer , YOU DONT HAVE TO ! That goes for "ya lil business" "when you getting married" "how's school going" "are you done having kids" "is that witchcraft you doing". Telling someone respectfully to mind their business is perfectly warranted. 

Leaving the function is always an option. You are not obligated to be verbally abused or gaslit for the sake of some turkey and greens beloved. If the energy is too extra leave. Protect your peace of mind. Respect is not limited to people outside your family. 

I say all of this because I know how holidays can get. A lot of times people have opinions but never uplifting affirmations. So choose you. Affirm your self. Keep ya crystals tucked in ya bra. And if it looks too off (vibe wise) spend a day with yourself in self care. 

Remember Gratitude matters. Being Thankful for lessons from family and how you've healed is a joy in itself. Don't let that deep healing work be in vain. You matter. Have grace for yourself and others. 


May the love you pour into yourself be returned tenfold.


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