Real Ones Get Writers Block Too.


I have been literally trying to figure out what to insert here since December. The Truth? I have so many different emotions occurring in 2022.

Through the midst of everything, I'm planning an amazing event to bring the black spiritual community together and that is lit as hell. This Project has allowed me to tap back into my event planning lane. 

Glow Expo is presented by Amethyst Corner LLC. The first two-day exposition will take place October 2022. The Exposition will continue annually in different regions of the United States. Powerful Spiritual Community leaders will provide insight and knowledge about wellness, self-esteem, spiritual practices and resources needed to connect with one’s best self.

....In the meantime just know its okay to not have shxt to say sometimes. Life be lifing. We also in Mercury Boosie Fade.


Stay Blessed Stay Intentional Hold Grace for yourself. 


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