Nu Moon Vibe.

The Nu Moon is here. Tiktok witches got yall feeling like everything is about manifesting and collecting rose quartz and shit. Its deeper than that.

This Nu Moon in Scorpio is saying nobody has you messed up. You got your self messed up honestly. Taking time to be accountable but also have grace is the major key.

I did some reflecting and shit last night. I realized that I was getting in my own way. I was manifesting and when the manifestations came I was wondering if I deserved them. Validation will have you tryna ask external forces for your internal purpose. 

Shadow work. I got to the root of some shit last night. I am whatever I say I AM. That was my affirmation and my mood for the Nu Moon. Be who you say you are and stand on that shit. Dont worry about who doesnt like it. STOP MANIFESTING WITHOUT HEALING. Take time for you. Call your power to you and stand in it. 

There's a moment where you feel that life is heavy

And you don't know where to go

Have Intention . Accept Transition

Allow yourself to flow.

Where Your Guides Are Present

You Are Protected



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