New Shadow. Who This.


New Friendships been kicking my ass. Well a few at least. I've always been a very friendly, social ,networking type of person but recently I experienced a loss. Let's be honest. Leaving a toxic friendship is the same as breaking an energetic cord with a toxic ex. 

The hardest part is accountability. Just when I thought I had experienced all my shadow work for the season, friendships were revisited. Why did I attract this energy into my life. You know what's really ghetto? Having to admit that someone who is full of shit still served purpose in your life for certain moments. Gratitude is wild. But it allows so much of a release. 

The truth? Confidence. The lesson? Detachment. 

I am getting used to shining bright like a diamond. Being that light was terrifying times before because I wondered "what will people think". With this thought, I attracted a couple of people who weren't truly authentic and confident with themselves. I had to do some shadow work. I believe that people show up in your life to show you aspects of your self that you have'nt healed. 

As I sit in this season of gratitude. I'm reminded of a few moments where I didn't feel I had anything to be grateful for. Now I KNOW abundance is my birth right. I also KNOW that being me unapologetically doesn't require a crowd. The uncomfortable truth is the knowing that even being me in my divine truth will attract light and ENVY. 


Knowing this truth allows me to discern the relationships in my life. Everyone cant go to the next level. Quite honestly its not my responsibility to take them. To ensure I don't repeat a cycle of frenemies I am making sure that I look at the essence of who people are and not who they pretend to be for access. I am also looking at my self. Hell, when have I pretended. Corporate America definitely got a watered down version of me. Anytime I went out and didn't feel like going ? That's pretending to. Not speaking up when I feel gas lit to avoid conflict? Definitely pretending energy. 

I'm encouraging everyone to do a energetic scan of all the relationships in your life. Do they resonate in your heart space or your trauma ? 

Remember though. Real Healed Shxt is having grace not only for others but also for yourself. 

Comment Below a moment you didn't show up for your self. Are you ready to make a shift?




  • Ok nah! This just hit the nail on the head for me lol. I’ve been dimming my light for too long, worrying about shining “too bright” and being “too much” But naw, just me being scared of my own damn self and at the same time, creating friendships with ppl who do the same just so I feel comfortable. Thanks for the insight and the clarification that a bitch need to wake tf up and turn the lights on 😉

  • Over the last week I’ve really taken accountability for not showing up for myself. I kept quiet or played naive to keep the pace which led to inner turmoil. Sleepless nights, isolation, lack of self worth.

    It took me being put in the most uncomfortable situations repeatedly to really get the lesson. Not showing up for myself dimmed my light. So I’m signing unapologetically and letting the dead weight fall off, chopping it off. Whatever’s necessary To encourage the shift and step more into alignment and Devine purpose.

  • A moment I didn’t show up for myself: I see the signs and simply want to ignore that THIS is the reason said person/people are in your life. THIS is what they will allow you, wether it be a lesson learned or resources, it’s simply being able to stand by exactly what role they are playing and moving forward from there. Not everyone is meant to have the premium version of you…

    Love this topic.

    Asia Monique

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