Mercury in Ghetto Rade

Often times we run away from Mercury Retrograde but WHY ?!

Mercury rules communication so of course thats going to be the challenge but is it all bad? 

I'm sittin here in Amethyst Corner trying to figure out what I can share with yall about how to manage that time. The name of the game is boundaries. 

I've had moments where I can set them but get weak when it comes to maintaining them. I was not tryna hurt feelings. What I called grace was truly people pleasing. I did some tough shadow work , looked in the mirror and decided to choose ME!

Boundaries can scare the hell  out of us because it requires us to not only confront others, but show up for ourselves. This week ask yaself "How do I show up for me? " when you figure it out ...let me know.


May all the love you pour into yourself be returned ten fold.




  • I show up for me when I realize that “matching that energy” is not petty. It’s a prescription for peace. Not shade, not hate. Simply reflecting priority ….

  • snaps in agreement

    B Lew
  • Very timely and right on point. We gotta show up for ourselves, or we’ll be shown out.

  • I feel this


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