Fear Aint It. Release That Shxt.

Fearless as hell is who I am all day. BIG CAP. There are some moments where my dreams and callings terrify me. Now do I let that stop me absolutely not. Recently I almost thought about it.

I've been on the spiritual journey for a few years. For the past two years I started to study up on Hoodoo and realized how connected it was to my ancestral lineage. So it was a comfort to expand on things I was introduced to as a child and didnt realize. 

I kept these workins' to myself but felt led to put out a product that serves as a road opener. My Rich B*tch Tea ( a feel good tea that gets ya creativity flowing). That gave me alot of confidence to look at other items to offer if I felt spiritually led and everything was going well till I got asked to do something.

One of my Elders I hold in high regard wanted me to share in a space about different hoodoo practices and at first suggestion I was overly excited. But this ghetto cousin fear snuck up on my ass. "Who are you to teach about this?" "How many books have you read" "Who gave you access?". These thoughts crept up and my confidence must have been somewhere hiding in my cabinet with the herbs I use for my fixins. I ended up rescheduling because of FEAR.

What I realized in real time was that my fear was heavily rooted in EXPECTATION. Alot of time we can be afraid of how others expect us to show up and I had to reaffirm that as long as I show up INTENTIONAL and as my Higher Self I am Good. 

The Truth Its alot of shit I don't know about Hoodoo. I didnt have a lot of people sit with me . My family was heavily rooted in Christianity. The other truth is that I am tapped in with my ancestors. For every book I don't have there's a whisper in my ear of a recipe or root. I may not have the scholarly backing but I have the calling and the blessing of elders who show up as I learn more. My clairvoyance and Clairaudience give me access to the history that I wasnt able to gain in the physical and for that im grateful. 

For anyone reading this just know that being present , being intentional, and being called goes along way. Dont discount your journey or minimize your impact based on expectation or fear.


May all the love you pour into yourself and others be returned ten fold.




  • Bee- I came across you, by accident, yesterday in Clubhouse. I think you did amazing energy readings…trust me I heard no fear in your voice. I love that you are unapologetic and intentional. I am very interested in Hoodoo and look forward to learning what you know. Following you and good luck, girl…even though you don’t need it. 😊 💜

  • Fear is a mf…

    I want to put my self out there. Make meaningful connections with like minded people but then the doubt creeps in…I end up convincing myself that I don’t have anything valuable to share or know enough smh. Thank you for sharing 💛

  • Wow, not only reading this but watching you on your journey and accomplish so much that you didn’t even know was in store for you . Is AWESOME! great 👍 job sus continue to be the BEST u can BEE ❤️ I’m here for it & I support you your journey & the path you choose 100% . I nevered felt so inspired .. great 👍 job 💕

    Sis law bre duh ❤️💁🏽‍♀️

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