Real Healed Girl Shit.

  • Yall Aint Tired Yet ?

    Stillness is so simple but hard as hell to do sometimes. Stillness is also extremely necessary. When I took a moment to be still recently, the words Divine Timing entered my heart.
  • Real Ones Get Writers Block Too.

    Sacral Chakra Work.
  • Surviving The Holidays.

    You are not obligated to be verbally abused or gaslit for the sake of some turkey and greens beloved.
  • New Shadow. Who This.

    To ensure I don't repeat a cycle of frenemies I am making sure that I look at the essence of who people are and not who they pretend to be for access.
  • Nu Moon Vibe.

  • Fear Aint It. Release That Shxt.

    How does Fear Impact You. I'm ready to share my story.
  • Mercury in Ghetto Rade

    I'm sittin here in Amethyst Corner trying to figure out what I can share with yall about how to manage that time. The name of the game is boundaries.
  • Healing is lit.

    Cry unapologetically. Laugh your heart out and release those pent up emotions thats what its all about.